How To Make Money Selling Retro Games

Retro Games

The video game industry has witnessed a radical change over the years; it has gone through a lot of phases to become what it is right now. Today, gamers get to enjoy HD quality games with amazing animation, plot, music, and voice-overs. Even though they have become very enjoyable, people have grown tired of them and started to miss vintage games. Especially younger generations who didn’t get to play these retro games when they were younger. This is why it’s an excellent time for you to start making money by selling your old video games.


Retro games are all the rage right now, especially that people are reminiscing over vintage games like Pac-man and other arcade games. However, not everyone has this kind of nostalgia towards them. You can take advantage of that by trading-off something that you don’t need with a retro game, or you could pay little money for it. After you’ve done so, you could target people who you know will pay a good amount of money for it. You can keep doing so until you’ve managed to sell all the video games at your disposal.

Sell your Old Games

One of the easiest ways to make money is to sell your old games. If you feel like you’ve grown out of this phase or you’re feeling particularly nostalgic towards them then you might want to

Sell Nintendo Switch Games online or to other people who you know enjoy them. There are a lot of websites that allow users to post their old games so that other people can enjoy them too, so make sure to check them out.

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There are a lot of websites that allow users to create auctions for their belongings. Try to look for one that’s reliable and create an account on it. After you’ve done so, place one item for a certain amount of money and wait until you’ve found your highest bidder and sell it to them. This could be a great way to make money, especially that people tend to get competitive in auctions to get what they want. Remember to not display all your games at once, place one item at a time so that the people who didn’t get to buy your last item have another chance to buy another.


Remakes of old vintage games are becoming extremely popular these days. They look the same and even have the same sound effects, but they have a new narrative. If you can develop video games, then you might want to either sell them online or better yet, create apps out of them. Not that people will stop buying these games soon, but now is your time to start selling your work since the spotlight is on these vintage goodies. Besides, you’ll never run out of things to sell, since you’ve become a source for it anyway, so make sure that you use that to your own advantage.

All in all, selling your vintage games shouldn’t be too difficult especially that there are a lot of people who would love nothing more than to get their hands on one. So start looking for places where you can display your games and try to find people who will be interested in them. If you are a creator yourself, then now is the time to start selling and displaying your own work.

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