How to Optimize Your Laptop for Fortnite


Fortnite is a game beloved by people of all ages. It is a game that has achieved major success in the last few years, and a game that is still free to play (which is probably why it is so popular!) Fortnite is mostly played on consoles, though can be played on PCs, which is what we will be talking about exclusively today. If you are a Fortnite fanatic but sometimes struggle to get optimum efficiency out of your games, then you have definitely found the right page. Yes, this is the page for you!

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can optimize your laptop for Fortnite, so every single game is a win, and you needn’t worry about losing your game lagging, or your computer affecting how you play. Here is how you can optimize your laptop for Fortnite.

You Could Just Get a New Laptop

Well, this is always something to consider, isn’t it? If you are struggling to run Fortnite on your laptop, you could always invest in a new one. If you do not have the financial backing to warrant the purchase of a new laptop, you could potentially get one on a layaway scheme from a local department store. If you are a gamer, according to one laptop reviewer, Get Superbook, who have a length of experience in reviewing and sourcing laptops, then you absolutely must have a gaming laptop. A simple office laptop will not do, nor will it sustain you!

Optimization It Is!

If you cannot afford a laptop, or simply do not want to, then optimization it is. Here is how you can optimize your laptop for Fortnite:

Lower Settings

The first thing you might want to do is to lower the in-game settings. If your graphics settings are all maxed out, your Fortnite could run slow. You may see that once you lower all of your graphics settings that Fortnite begins to run a lot faster and a lot better. This should always be your first point-of-call before you get into the more complicated stuff.

Fortnite 1


Replays occur when you are killed on Fortnite. They can be, it is fair to say, an absolute nightmare, and a bit of a headache. It can also delay the amount of time it takes you to get right back into the game. As a passionate Fortniter myself, I definitely recommend that you disable replays. When you do, you will find the game becomes considerably less annoying, and much more fun. Plus, who wants to watch themselves get killed again and again and again? Disable replays on your game settings menu, then voila!

High Priority Task Manager

Another way to increase the speed of Fortnite is to set it to high priority in your task manager. By doing this, you allocate all available memory straight to Fortnite, which means Fortnite can run uninterrupted. Allocating all of your memory to Fortnite is a fantastic way for you to improve the game speed and have a better time playing. If you always notice yourself lagging, find your reactions delayed, and cannot get the most out of the game, then you should definitely consider allocating more memory to Fortnite by labeling it a high priority on your task manager.

Update Your Drivers

Our graphics drivers frequently need updating. As more patches, updates, and downloads are made available, they can speed your drivers up. You may be lagging on Fortnite and the remedy could simply be an update of your graphics drivers. Updating your drivers can be very complex, so we will not be able to go into detail about that here, though a guide on how you can update your drivers should not be hard to find, it generally depends on which graphics card and what computer you have. Updating your drivers can be a very effective way of speeding up your Fortnite games.

Defrag Your Computer

Defragging, or defragmenting, your computer is a good way for you to seriously speed up Fortnite. Many people swear by this and say that when you do this, all of your games will begin running much faster, and much smoother. As with updating your drivers, you can find a guide about defragmenting your computer online. We do definitely recommend that you check out

In this article, we hope to have explained to you how you can optimize your laptop for Fortnite. Fortnite is a game beloved by all, if you find yourself lagging, it is only right that you want a solution – we hope to have offered you plenty of solutions. Thanks for reading, folks!

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