How Video Games Can Boost Your Creativity in College

College Video Games

Video games are a perfect tool to keep you focused, relaxed, and more aligned towards your goal. Researchers found out that playing video games has a positive impact on mood and behavior. In addition, it makes you creative and helps achieve goals. Here is how creative video games can enhance your IQ level.

Importance of Playing Video Games on Creativity

There is an ongoing debate whether video games are creative or not. Researchers have found out that video games are used for entertainment purposes, but they are best used to spark interest and refresh your mind for other major goals. So, whether you have life goals or any academic goals, playing video games enhances creativity and makes it easier. Here are some of the ways video games play a positive role in your day-to-day tasks.

Creativity in Academic Life

As a student, life is pretty stressed out. With numerous assignments, paperwork, and research, life becomes boring and monotonous. Doing so many assignments and remaining active in class has a toll on my mental and physical health. Playing video games on and off helps rejuvenate the mind, which becomes more active in carrying out serious academic assignments and tasks. Moreover, it sharpens the mind, and you become more attentive in class. When the mood is better, there is an enhanced ability to solve challenging problems. Video games can have the same effect as a good teacher who conducts presentations, lectures, and group discussions to increase a child’s interest in the subject. Playing video games creates the same effect but in a better-stimulated manner. To help students retain valuable information, video games are introduced in academics to remember quickly and process information fast. Games built around puzzles and problem-solving activities set out to educate and positively impact the student’s mind.

Creative Video Games Increases Dopamine

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The life of a student is filled with stress. It becomes difficult to manage the unending assignments and quizzes and pursue the goals and challenges. Suppose you are a student who has tight deadlines, and it becomes difficult to achieve them. In that case, many writing companies help deliver good quality assignments, such as, where you can specifically request them to write your essay (no plagiarism) and then go on and play games to rejuvenate yourself. However, if you are bent on improving your skillset and completing your assignment independently, then playing video games helps reset the focus and makes you more energetic. You can play video games to give yourself a break and then return with a refreshed mind to resume work.

Researchers suggest that instead of taking frequent breaks, take smaller ones and fill them up with some activity that increases dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone in the brain that gives you pleasure. It regulates body movements and gives you the feeling of rewards and motivation. When dopamine increases in the body, it makes you motivated towards other goals. Whether it is life or submitting assignments on time, dopamine releases stress and increases the good hormone that helps you achieve complex goals in life. Video games and dopamine have a strong relation between them.

Become a Leader and Achieve Goals

Video games make you a leader and help you achieve goals. A game well-played instills good habits to become a leader, gives you confidence, and sets the path to leadership. Fighting enemies, protecting your assets, and finding good allies who can support you are great life lessons that no academic institution can teach. It practically helps you in your day-to-day affairs. When you complete a goal, it gives you the power to achieve more. It sets the path for you to become a leader. There are plenty of creative video game ideas that can make your child a leader.

Refocus your Brain

Video games train your brain and stimulate it to increase focus. The feeling you get when you reach a new level in a game and beat your opponents. That way, your brain is rewired into believing that you can achieve many more levels. Taking a break from stressful activities and refocusing your brain helps achieve challenging tasks. The fact that you can train your brain to handle complex tasks through games sets the tone for achieving challenging assignments on time. The brain is tuned to help achieve impossible tasks. As a result, your brain becomes active and can easily accept difficult challenges. Refocusing your brain through complex tasks lets you solve all sorts of problems in life in a brave manner, which helps you succeed in exams as well!

Few Games that Help Increase Creativity through Video Games

Video games help you become more organized and disciplined. You can solve complex problems quickly and make decisions that you won’t regret later. Life is a game, so they say, and video games help you play your life’s game in a fun way. Playing video games teaches you how to make decisions quickly and solve puzzles that are equivalent to solving life’s complex issues. If you are wondering, do video games help your brain? Then yes, they do! There are plenty of video games that instantly make you creative through their trial-and-error method.

  • Minecraft is one such game. You can invent a new game within a game and create characters and structures that are mind-blowing. It is only limited by the player’s imagination and is a perfect tool to enhance creativity and ensure you are involved in activities that stimulate the brain.
  • Expand your mind’s creative abilities through Scribblenauts. Increase creative thoughts by working on solving puzzles in Scribblenauts. It allows you to create anything you describe and lets your mind solve complex puzzles. Tetris is also one such game that creates leadership abilities and on-the-spot decision-making. You have to quickly form decisions and fit things where they belong. It also helps organize things and life in a better way.
  • SimCity lets you build the entire city on your own. You can make changes to the city and build zones that utilize energy and power plants. The best part is you can build the city as many times as you like and each time it can be different.

Playing video games leaves a good impact on your mind and helps you achieve more in life. It not only makes you stress-free temporarily but also stimulates your brain to achieve complex tasks and handle difficult jobs efficiently. Achieving goals becomes easier. That is why playing video games is now encouraged!

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