Honkai: Star Rail – Check Out Clockie Cartoon Series

Developer HoYoverse shared a new animated cartoon dedicated to Penacony. It features the mascot and protector of the Planet of Festivities, Clockie, as he welcomes travelers to Dreamville. The Astral Express Family and certain other characters make their appearances as well.

“The brave and clever Clockie has embarked on an adventure! Tick-tock! The dastardly Boss Stone is up to no good. Tick-tock! He’s always trying to endanger Clockie! But don’t worry, Clockie’s got the smarts, and Clockie’s got the courage! Together with his dependable friends, they’ll protect this land of dreams and send the bad guys packing!”

Honkai: Star Rail is currently going through Version 2.0. Players can enjoy the brand-new planet Penacony with its Trailblaze quest chain, new playable characters Black Swan and Misha, and so much more. The planet used to be a prison used by IPC for detaining criminals. However, over the years the control over the planet shifted to The Family, and it underwent a remarkable transformation. Now, the Crew has received an invitation from The Family to visit as honored gusts for a grand event called the Charmony Festival.

Penacony features unique sleeping devices that allow visitors to travel to Dreamscapes.


  • 5-star characters: Black Swan (Wind/Nihility) & Dan Heng: Imbibitor Lunae (Imaginary/Destuction)
  • 4-star characters: Misha (Ice/Destruction), Tingyun (Lightning/Harmony), Guinaifen (Fire/Nihility)
  • 5-star Light Cones: Reforged Remembrance (Nihility), Brighter Than the Sun (Destruction)
  • 4-star Light Cones: Dance! Dance! Dance! (Harmony), Resolution Shines Like As Pearls of Sweat (Nihility), Indelible Promise (Destruction)


  • 5-star characters: Sparkle (Quantum/Harmony) & Jing Yuan (Lightning/Erudition)
  • 4-star characters: Sampo (Wind/Nihility), Qingque (Quantum/Destruction), Hanya (Physical/Harmony)
  • 5-star Light Cones: Earthly Escapade (Harmony) & Before Dawn (Erudition)
  • 4-star Light Cones: Under Blue Sky (Destruction), Geniuses’ Repose (Erudition), Planetary Rendezvous (Harmony)

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