Honkai Star Rail Outlined New Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears

With the new expansion for Simulated Universe now available in Honkai: Star Rail, developer HoYoverse shared the latest video to bring players up to speed on everything they need to know.

“Extra! Extra! The new Simulated Universe documentary “Gold and Gears” is about to arrive! Today, we are honored to have Genius Society member #81 Miss Ruan Mei give us the scoop about the brand-new DLC and an early look at the gameplay.”

Gold and Gears is the new permanent game mode addition to the Simulated Universe. Now that Version 1.6 is out, it will coexist with the Swarm Disaster. Just as the Swarm added the new Path of Propagation, Gold and Gears introduces the Path of Erudition.


  • New Characters – Dr. Ratio (5-star Imaginary Hunt), Ruan Mei (5-star Ice Harmony), Xueyi (4-star Quantum Destruction)
  • New Trailblaze Continuance Mission – Crown of the Mundane and Divine.
  • Critter Pick Event – Delectable little critters are zapping all over the space station. And the responsibility of looking after them has fallen onto your shoulders.
  • Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears. Herta and others have added a new algorithmic branch to the Expansion Module. This time, they have simulated Nous and selected the time before the demise of #27 Emperor Rubert… This latest update adds the Path of Erudition to the SU.
  • Virtual Scentventure event – The Department of Ecology’s special test has begun. You have been specially invited as a qualified tester… Wait, what’s with these strange fragrances?
  • Planar Fissure – Double drops of Planar Ornaments from the SU.
  • Realm of the Strange – Double drops from Caverns of Corrosion.
  • Gift of Odyssey login event
  • Free copy of limited 5-star Imaginary Hunt character Dr. Ratio
  • A number of QoL improvements
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