Honkai: Star Rail – Version 2.2 Pre-Download Available Now

Honkai Star Rail - Version 2.2 Pre-Download Available Now

All aboard the hype train, Astral Express is about to explore the new chapter in the story of Penacony. Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2 launches on May 8th. Trailblazers who have completed the previous adventures will be able to embark on a new Trailblaze Mission “The Fool Always Rings Twice”. The Charmony Festival is in its countdown phase, and all the involved parties are waiting with the bated breath.

In order to get started as soon as possible, you might want to take advantage of the update pre-download, available now on PC and mobile devices. The pre-download will allow you to get some of the game resources in advance and noticeably speed up how soon you can start this new journey after the maintenance.

“The Express Crew recommends that Trailblazers leave ample storage space ahead of time and proceed with the download while connected to a Wi-Fi network. PC pre-installation storage requirements approximately 15 GB. Mobile (Android and iOS) pre-installation storage requirements approximately 11 GB.”

When it comes to new characters, the update will be introducing two new playable heroes, one quite familiar and one yet completely unknown beyond a phone call. There are also reruns of powerful fan-favorite heroes. If you’ve missed out on Fu Xuan or Topaz the first time around, they will be back for a limited time.

  • Version 2.2 Phase 1: Robin (Physical Harmony) & Topaz (Fire Hunt) + March 7, Hanya, Xueyi;
  • Version 2.2 Phase 2: Boothill (Physical Hunt) & Fu Xuan (Quantum Preservation) + Pela, Luka, Hook;
  • Version 2.3Firefly (Fire Destruction) & Jade (Quantum Erudition);


  • New Trailblaze mission: The Fool Always Rings Twice;
  • New characters: Robin (5-star Physical Harmony) & Boothill (5-star Physical Hunt);
  • New Light Cones: 5 stars: Flowing Nightglow (Harmony) & Sailing Towards A Second Life (Hunt). 4-stars: Boundless Choreo (Nihility), For Tomorrow’s Journey (Harmony);
  • 3 New Zones: Dreamflux Reef, Moment of Scorchsand and the Penacony Grand Theater;
  • New Echo of War: Salutations of Ashen Dreams;
  • Clockie: Dreamjoy Memoir Event – Are you ready to try your hand at film direction? The rewards include Stellar Jades, new chat theme & the new 4-star Light Cone ‘For Tomorrow’s Journey’;
  • The Legend of the Galactic Baseballer event – Defeat enemies from across the universe, synthesize the most powerful weapons in the cosmos, and ascend to the pinnacle of this battle game.
  • All About Boothill event – An interstellar cowboy is stirring up some trouble, and it is a great opportunity for you to make some cash.
  • A Gift of Odyssey check-in event – 10 special passes over the course of a week;
  • New Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Duty (needed for Robin & Boothill);
  • New Crimson Calyx: Hunt (needed for Boothill);
  • Planar Fissure – Planar Ornament double drop event;
  • Garden of Plenty – double Calyx drop event;
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