HTC Makes Big Announcements for Mobile VR, Vive Focus at MWCS 2018

Excitement is in the VR air as High Tech Computer Corporation demonstrated it’s advancements this week at the Mobile World Congress, Shanghai 2018 showcasing its smartphone and VR/AR businesses with a series of integrated features in its newly released VIVE FOCUS™ System Update 2.0. 

With Gamers In Mind

Users can soon stream phone content from hundreds of modern Android phones to the Vive Focus, bringing millions of existing mobile applications, games and video content from a hand-sized screen to a giant one in the VR headset. Users will also be able to wirelessly stream high-end PC VR content from VIVEPORT™ and Steam to the Vive Focus which can be enabled by a newly optimized version of the Riftcat VRidge tool immediately allowing Vive Focus users to enjoy a library of hundreds of supported premium VR titles without any wires or any special accessories. Users can operate the PC VR applications interface either by using the standard Vive Focus controller, an Xbox controller and third party controllers paired to the host PC. Updated VRidge will be released on Viveport M in coming weeks!

A demonstration was given at HTC’s MWCS of the major VR hit, Beat Saber.

The HTC U12+ can now be used as another interface accessory for the Vive Focus, and users can also enjoy VR content that requires two-hand involvement like the VR rhythm game “Flashing Beat” developed by Chesstar Studios and published by Vive Studios from the built-in Viveport app store. You can get the “Flashing Beat Mobile Controller” on any Android phones to enjoy the interactive game. Users will be able to live out their dream of being a rock star by using their Android phones to play the chords and the Vive Focus controller as the pick. This also is the first globally released hybrid game that fully integrates a phone as an integral accessory in a standalone VR game.

Development for Developers

Another future feature that will be enabled on the Vive Focus is voice assistance, allowing users to operate the device in a more intuitive and convenient way. The Vive Focus, world’s first 6dof standalone VR device, was first shipped in China this January. 6 degrees of freedom refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three dimensional space.

HTC will be bringing this much sought after product to the rest of the world in the near future. Around 100 native VR applications are currently available on Viveport for the Vive Focus and other Vive Wave partner devices, and the number is still increasing. Developers around the world who are interested in building content for the Vive Focus can already order the Development Kit, where over 20 countries are supported for dev-kit direct shipment. To thank the developers who have contributed to the success of Viveport in China during the year, developers can keep all the profits until September 30th of 2018.

Interested VR developers can  visit ( to learn more.

Ready Player One

In cooperation with Warner Bros, Vive Studios produced the hit content, The Oasis Beta which allows users to fully delve into the imaginary world of Ready Player One. It is now the most downloaded app and highest engagement VR app on Viveport of the year. HTC is calling on developers from around the globe to join “The Oasis Expansion” program and submit their applications for future inclusion in the ever expanding virtual world of the Oasis.

Alvin Wang Graylin, China President, HTC shared:

With all the innovations we demonstrated around the tight integration of smartphones, PCs and VR/AR devices here at the MWCS, clearly availability of compelling content for VR devices is no longer an issue. We are getting yet another step closer to a future where our daily lives will be dramatically improved by immersive technologies. 

HTC has had a long history of innovation in the telecom and immersive computing industries. We launched the world’s first 3G and 4G phones, as well as the world’s first room scale VR device and 6dof standalone VR device. There is no other company more qualified to lead the charge to drive further integration of the two spaces and innovation in the coming 5G enabled future.

Other Highlights At The MWCS

Following last months announcement at VEC of an HTC and McLaren long term partnership to bring new VR/AR experiences to the enormous 500 million plus F1 fan base. HTC supported this announcement at MWCS this week by showcasing VR and AR content allowing Vive Focus and phones users to feel what it is like to become a McLaren F1 driver. The VR content will soon be available for download on Viveport with the AR content available on phone app stores.

Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers also showed its support for HTC by powering many live demos at the event with its newly launched Razer Blade 15, the world’s smallest 15.6” gaming laptops with Vive devices at the MWCS, aiming to provide the best immersive VR experience for the public. HTC also showcased the NextVR optimized for Vive Focus at the event, a VR livestreaming platform that allows users to immerse themselves in livestream NBA League Pass games on a virtual movie theatre-sized screen.

Lastly, the #FunWithFocus challenge is currently gaining momentum in the cyberspace motivating users to immerse themselves freely with the Vive Focus. Users from around the world are encouraged to accept the challenge by posting their videos or photos of fun activities with Vive Focus using the hashtag #FunWithFocus offering a chance to receive unique prizes and experiences.  

Something we’ll be keeping an eye on as well as exact dates and costs for Western markets which could be clearer in 2020 leading up to 5G network’s broad commercialization.

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  1. Still waiting for VR to not look like I have a plastic welding safety helm on but all these features makes me consider a phone that isn’t an iPhone for the first time in many years. Very awesome!

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