HTC VIVE COSMOS Controllers Announced!


HTC VIVE has come out with a new announcement that I am sure a lot of VR fans will want to hear about, the COSMOS Controllers. These gamer-friendly controllers will provide seamless tracking for greater control while you take yourself into the realm of Virtual Reality. Won’t it be interesting to see these in action with some gameplay videos? Below is the tweet from HTC.

As you can see in this tweet, they will be coming soon and the short video will excite fans who are looking for something that looks cool, and works well with the new updated COSMOS system. The new system boats striking graphics, lifelike sound, and a more immersive experience all without boundaries. What do they mean when they mention without boundaries? The COSMOS is supposed to have cameras inside and out so that you do not require a base station or sensors to use it. You can plug it directly into your computer to use that for your processing power while gaming or, you can also connect it on the go with a mobile device. It looks like HTC really wants to get this system out there in the world. Can we see the world of the Oasis coming out pretty soon? Who knows, but won’t that be fun?

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