Huff, Puff, & Blow Away The Opposition In Wolf & Pigs: Out For Vengeance

There’s a new VR shooter on the loose on PC and it has a very unique twist on the Three Little Pigs Fairytale. This is Wolf & Pigs: Out For Vengeance.

Taking the traditional first-person shooter and placing it in VR is enough of a leftfield step for most studios but developer Visual Light decided it was time to take the entire FPS genre to a new place, a land far far away. Players who pick up Wolf & Pigs will find themselves in a fairytale land that isn’t quite what they’ve come to expect. When the notorious Pig Brothers gang invades the New World to build their very own compound, an unlikely protector steps up to put an end to the greedy pig gang’s plans.

Wolfing Up The Action

Playing as the last survivor of the wolf tribe, you’ll battle through a series of stages using a range of excessive force to get your way. Bombs, pistols, machine guns, and a grappling arm can all be used to dispatch enemies while aiming and shooting using your motion controls. As you gobble up the content presented, wolf will be able to upgrade their health and abilities using a series of perks while taking back a fully immersive VR world from the pigs.

Wolf & Pigs: Out For Vengeance might not be the hardcore bloodbath or gritty first-person adventure gamers demand from Doom and co, but it is a fun twist on an old story and certainly stands out among the forest of other titles. Whether grandma will love it remains to be seen but players can pick it up on Steam for a discounted price of $13.99 or local equivalent right now. It is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets and you can check out more over on the official Wolf & Pigs: Out For Vengeance Steam Store page now.


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