Human Conditions – Watch Dogs 2’s next big DLC, coming February 21st

Fast cars, lots of guns, and hacking.
Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions

As revealed on today’s Livestream, Ubisoft is launching Human Conditions, the next big DLC for Watch Dogs 2 on February 21st.  There’s a host of new missions, weapons, characters, and map content being added with the DLC. Not to mention a new co-op mission mode for those of you who like their Watch Dog 2 gameplay with others.

If you’re into Ubisoft games, don’t forget that the Open Beta for Ghost Recons Wildlands is just about ready to start too. Ubisoft recently released For Honor as well, and you can catch our review of that game by Robert Lashley over here.

Honestly, is there ever a month without an Ubisoft release? The machine is powerful, guys.

From the PS4 Blog with an interview featuring Ubisoft Paris’ dev team:

Human Conditions, the second DLC for Watch Dogs 2, will be released February 21 on PS4. This is our biggest content addition yet, adding more than five hours of gameplay with three brand new DedSec operations, and an Elite Co-op challenge with endless replayability for hardcore hackers.

Are you expanding the map or adding to the world in Human Conditions? If so, does this mean the online community will be split?

Fabian: We are not expanding the map per se, but we’re adding and updating tons of new locations within it for our players to discover. You will be able to find new interiors, like tech companies and corporate HQs, but also revamped and updated areas from the main game like a new medical mobile clinic, a homeless camp, or a massive yacht (named Tachanka) in the middle of the bay! There is definitely a lot of new locations to explore.

We also wanted to make sure these changes would not split our community by tying them to the DLC! All of the new locations will be accessible to all players through the title update.

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