Human Fall Flat Drops On Mobiles Today

Human Fall Flat is out on mobile today and launches with a wobble and a new trailer.

You might have caught our coverage of the Human Fall Flat mobile port earlier this year and now launch day has arrived. The surreal puzzle game where players take on the guise of a wibbly humanoid has dropped onto iOS and Android devices. Out now, the concept of this unusual puzzle game is to take a flexible character and flop out to an exit. Escape is, however not as easy as it sounds.

Trapped in an open-ended dreamscape, players must navigate this puzzle platformer, using whatever they can hop on top of, turn over, or leverage to their advantage in order to find an exit. Featuring a host of inventive and downright surreal setups, Human Fall Flat has already taken Pc and consoles by storm with a very positive response on Steam after launching back in 2016. Now, players can take on this mobile madness solo or with friends. Take up to four players on the go with you and help, or hinder, their progress. You’ll even be able to dress up your humanoid avatar in a range of silly outfits. Whether you look like a dog, ninja, or princess you’ll still be able to knock over trains, grab any surface, use a catapult, or just fling yourself at the problem until a solution appears.

Human Fall Flat is available now on the iOS app store and the Android Play Store for free. If you have never fallen over yourself while trying to escape a surreal dream sequence then you can find out more about this puzzler over at the game’s official website now.

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