Human Fall Flat Goes Thermal Today

Human Fall flat, the physics puzzler that plays fast and loose with gravity is about to get a hot update thanks to its player base.

Today, Human Fall flat gets an update and it is thanks to one very dedicated fan of the franchise. The brand new update, titled Thermal is the work of Manuel Nowak, aka. Święty Krab. As the winner of the first User Generated Content Competition for this multi-platform adventure, Manuel didn’t just bag a cool $10,000 US in prize money. His creation arrives on PC today with Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch coming in the next few weeks. Players who pick up the new Thermal update for Human Fall Flat will find themselves exploring a mountain mine with a ton of puzzles and hidden secrets in the depths of the mountain.

More Adventure Awaits

Some of you may already be familiar with Thermal. The user-generated update has been downloaded over 225,000 times already since it hit Steamworks back and it makes the perfect addition to Human Fall Flat. Originally released back in 2016, Human Fall Flat is an open ended puzzler that has one goal, find the exit. Set in a series of dreamscapes, the faceless protagonist must run, jump, think, and generally fall from one exit to another with hilarious consequences. If your own wits aren’t enough then there’s even the option for online and local co-op should assistance be required. With themes ranging from Ice to Aztec, Thermal is likely to be a great fit for fans of Human Fall Flat.

You can check out what’s ahead from the trailer above, or head over to the Human Fall Flat Steam Store page to check out the upcoming brain teaser now and grab Human Fall Flat for hours of keyboard cramping fun and probably the odd unfortunate death by gravity too.


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