Human Fall Flat Is Going Mobile

Human Fall Flat

After a day of toil in the yard, most of us would be ready to get to bed. Unfortunately for builder Bob, there is no real rest. Scores of us have already watched his dreams turn into a perplexing mess of gravity-defying puzzles, and now, Bob gets to go outside as Human Fall Flat comes to mobiles.

Indie publisher 505 Games has just unveiled a partnership with Curve Digital and No Brakes Games, to bring Human Fall Flat onto the small screen. Originally created as a hilarious physics puzzler, Human Fall Flat injects players into the dreams of builder Bob. As Bob tries to navigate his own dreamscape, players must prod Bob around an unusual mix of memories, hopes, and falling fears. The open-ended nature of this adventure makes for more than a few ways to play with Bob and eventually led Human Fall Flat to some serious success.

Now available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch, this new announcement brings Bob’s hijinks onto the mobile space. We don’t have confirmation of a release date, a price structure, or a list of which mobile systems will see Human Fall Flat. What we do know is that this looks like a simply fantastic idea, and it seems Dominic Wheatley, CEO of Curve Digital agrees.

Curve has sold over 5 million copies of Human: Fall Flat on PC and console, so we’re delighted to work with 505 on the mobile version. Their experience in marketing premium games on that platform is really important to us and No Brakes Games, the developer.

When we hear more about Human Fall Flat’s move to mobile, we will have it here. In the meantime, you can get in some practice or check out the full details on the official website.

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