Humankind – Claiming Territory Feature Trailer

The developers from Amplitude Studios published a new video dev diary dedicated to their upcoming strategy game Humankind. In it, the team introduces players to the concept of claiming territory for their future sprawling civilization.

For Humankind the team decided to push further the idea of dividing the world in pre-defined territories for players to build their cities in, first represented in the studio’s previous project Endless Legend. The innovative concept coming to the feature is that the territories would be dynamic, meaning that some will be present on the map from the beginning but the player will be able to aggregate territories together to turn them into bigger cities.

Besides the cities that players are building up and developing, there will also be outposts to confirm ownership of the territory. Outposts are fragile and need to be defended with an army or your enemies will take over them. At a later point, an outpost can become a city or be assimilated into a nearby one.

As the cities’ population increases, players will be able to create new districts. Cities naturally specialize in extracting and using the resources naturally present in the terrain they are placed on.

Check Humankind’s Steam page or the other two dev diaries to learn more about the game!

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