Hundreds of Temtem Trainers Banned


It looks like the support team at Crema have evolved and gained the Banhammer skill as over 900 Temtem players were banned today.

The Early Access pet battling title might only have come out on Steam and Humble Store in January 2020 but there are already plenty of rats on the Archipelago. Yesterday, the team behind this pokemon inspired adventure announced that they had kicked over 900 accounts out of the Dojo and were not taking appeals. While we don’t know if these bans are all related or simply linked to a range of different behavior, developer Crema did confirm that they are sure that every single user that received a ban is deserving.

Suffice to say the impact of this was to stir up some venomous responses from the assembled internet. Everything from questions about clarity to a simple “I’m out” meme can be found in the increasingly long thread. Possibly as a result of this vocal feedback, players can now appeal these bans by contacting Temtem support. Just direct those appeals to with the subject “Ban appeal” and keep your fingers crossed.

Temtem isn’t the first title to take a hard line on cheaters, my personal favorite being Guild War 2’s Chris Clearly stripping a hacker naked and throwing the remaining pixels off the tallest tower the Security Chief could find.

Temtem released as an Early Access title in Jan 2021 when it took the persistent world of an MMO and mixed it with the creature antics of a Pokemon inspired adventure. We jumped in for some early impressions recently and tried out a world full of animals to hunt, train, and battle all spread out across the game’s six islands. Generally well-received, the first stage of Temtem looks like it will not bow to players’ expectations so easily as it evolves. You can keep an eye on the unfolding ban situation over on twitter or keep an eye on it here at Gamespace.


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  1. I don’t think they are doing themselves any favors taking such a heavy hand only 2 weeks after launching into a year long early access – especially because it also appeals to a younger demographic.

    Good luck to them, I wonder how many of those 900 were backers?

  2. i do have to say it’s pretty naive I think to go into it with the attitude of, we checked trust us. I am sure they have checked but still, that’s not how to communicate with your customers in this day and age

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