Hunt: Showdown Received Update 1.6.2

Hunt Showdown Received Update 1.6.2

The developers from Crytek have taken to Steam to reveal that PvPvE FPS Hunt: Showdown received a new update 1.6.2, adding a new weapon to the game and introducing a variety of fixes.

The update adds Scottfield Model 3 Revolver to the game: a new small slot, medium ammo pistol with a 6-round capacity. The Scottfield differs from other revolvers currently available in that it uses a break-open action which allows for faster reloading, this is because of its open cylinder and built-in ejector that can remove all rounds in the cylinder at once.

The game also received changes to Regeneration shots:

For the duration of the effect:
  • Health regeneration speed is halved (2.5 hp/s instead of 5 hp/s)
  • Health regeneration does not stop at health chunk borders but will continue until current max health is reached
  • Health regeneration will start instantly after taking damage (Usually delayed by 5 seconds)
  • Health regeneration is paused while poisoned, burning or bleeding
  • Health regeneration is paused while reviving a teammate with the Necromancer trait
  • Weak Regeneration Shot: 5 Minutes
  • Regeneration Shot: 10 Minutes

Hunting Bow had the Basic Arrow and Poison Arrow Bleeding intensity reduced and only do medium bleeding now.

The developers have also introduced changes to matchmaking, improving the queuing method when kill Based Matchmaking is disabled. Before it would wait until you have exhausted options of a fair match before adding the group to a match with other SBMM disabled groups. Now, in case you queue with SBMM disabled, you will be queuing at the same time for matches with other groups of similar level and for groups that would also have opted out from SBMM.

Players can now also disable Skill Based Matchmaking only from rank 100 or above.

Check out the game’s Steam page to find the entire list of changes introducing by Hunt: Showdown update 1.6.2.

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