Hunter’s Arena: Legends Got December Update

Developer Mantisco released update 1.14 for PvP & PvE melee combat-focused Battle Roayle Hunter’s Arena: Legends. The update brings a new game mode Conquest along with the Pet system and brand new character effects.

  • New Game Mode – Conquest. In Conquest Mode, three players team up to play against another team to gain control of three points for victory.
  • New Pet System. Players can bring their pets along to the Solo or Trio Battle Royale games to pick up items. There are three different tiers of pets, High, Mid, and Low. Your pet’s tier impacts how wide they search for items and how close they follow you.
  • Effects. New character effects are added which can be equipped for your character’s eye, arms, or legs.

About Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Hunter’s Arena is designed to provide a one of a kind experience in a Battle Royale. Being said, you will encounter both PvP and PvE elements in your gameplay. For fans of PvE, you will be able to explore dungeons and slay boss demons to loot rare items and grow stronger. For fans of fast paced PvP battles, you can hunt other Hunters to level up and prove yourself as the ultimate Hunter.

Ultimately, your goal in Hunter’s Arena is to survive. Therefore, going straight into a life or death battle could not always be the best strategy. Hide in a bush and wait for the right time to ambush or Drop Strike from higher grounds to deal massive damage to unsuspecting enemies.

You will be able to choose from 17 unique Hunters each time you enter the arena.
Each Hunter has a distinct combat style and is a master of Eastern swordplay and powerful spells. Try customizing your Hunter and show off your style in battle with countless weapon skins and emotes.

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