Hyperbrawl Tournament Trailer Delves Into Lore

HyperBrawl Tournament

Milky Tea Studios has released a brand new trailer to introduce its community to the lore behind HyperBrawl Tournament. The video details lore, heroes, and even touches on some core gameplay aspects coming to the game when it launches on October 20th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Here’s what can be learned:

  • An ancient society of druids is looking to crown the “Champion of the Universe”.
  • There are three available classes: Swift, Tank, and Core. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Each Hero has a unique arena dedicated to their homeworld. These offer glimpses to each planet’s history and culture.
  • Each arena has its own unique layout.
  • Cosmetic rewards and accolades are earned by completing challenges both in campaign and multiplayer modes.
  • 12 heroes to choose from across the three classes.
  • Each hero has eight cosmic weapons to equip leading to over 4000 ways to customize each character
  • The single-player game is played with “fully fleshed out” AI opponents

“HyperBrawl Tournament is an incredibly deep game with multiple layers of strategy and variety, but we wanted to make sure that its core gameplay is easy to understand and get right into,” said Jonathan Holmes, Founder & Studio Director of Milky Tea. “That’s why we made this video to give people an overview of how it all works in a brisk five minutes. We’re excited for people to start playing around with all the heroes, weapons, and arenas that we’ve spent years fine-tuning when it launches on October 20th.”

Check out the HyperBrawl Tournament official site to learn more.

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