Hypercharge: Unboxed Deploys on Nintendo Switch This Friday

Digital Cybercherries are set to throw their toys out and get on the road as Hypercharge Unboxed hits Nintendo Switch on 31 January 2020.

Taking warfare from the front lines and into the playroom, Hypercharge: Unboxed is a FPS that takes warfare about as seriously as your typical 10 year old. Filled to the brim with bright characters, explosives, and plastic torsos, this new Switch FPS is a mix between Call of Duty and Toy Story. Following the story of Sgt. Max Ammo and his mission to protect HYPER-CORE, Hypercharge is a co-operative shooter that pits players against waves of evil toys from simple soldiers to a monstrous plastic T-rex. Fail to defend the HYPER-Core and the human race will forget about all the toys, all of them!

Mixing tower defense mechanics with the bright colors of the toybox, Hypercharge allows up to 4 players to battle across the garden, kitchen, and other oversized urban battlegrounds. A split-screen mode means that Switch Owners can bring along a friend by simply splitting off a spare Joycon controller and getting toyed up for action. There is even a split screen mode, alongside online PvP action if you are ready for it. As you and your battalion become battle hardened, you’ll find credits, coins, batteries scattered about the game and use these to unlock skins, earn XP, and customize your own weapons.

If you think you and your squad can take on the terrors of the playpen or conquer the sandpit then a host of evildoers await in this Saturday morning adventure. You can check out all the action on the trailer above or over on the official Digital Cybercherries website. If you are ready to sign up then Hypercharge: Unboxed is available on the 31st via the Nintendo eShop and it will set you back around $19.99 or local equivalent.

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