Ikea x Asus ROG Launch Leaked

ikea x rog launch leaked chair back

It appears that the Ikea x Asus ROG launch has been leaked. Back in September 2020, Ikea and Asus ROG announced they were getting together for a gaming related collaboration and it seems like the product line up has been revealed ahead of launch.

Sometimes leaks are just Reddit rumours that we’ll actively investigate but it appears that time, thanks to the magic of the internet, a slip up on Ikea’s Chinese website means we might already have a glimpse of the new IKEA x Asus ROG product lineup. Initially announced back in DATE, the collaboration between the gaming hardware manufacturer and everybody’s favourite meatball brand was supposed to come to fruition on 29 January. The two industry titans have already made an announcement on the Weibo social media platform to confirm this, but it seems the Ikea website isn’t for waiting.

ikea x rog launch leaked desk

According to several social media sources, the Chinese arm of Ikea’s website inadvertently posted the initial product images for this project while we were all asleep last night. Fortunately, the internet never forgets and the product shots are already circulating, even after they were quickly removed. Based on what we can see, the centrepiece of the furniture is a UPSSPEL gaming desk. Labelled at 3999 Yuan, this equates to something around £450 or £600 depending on currency fluctuations. Things will probably settle a little higher than that. For this price, you can expect a fully articulated desk with the option of standing or sitting. There looks to be plenty of room for cable management across the top and underside and what appears to be a motor control on the front of the product shots.

The line up also seems to include a gaming chair that isn’t far from the design that you might expect from Ikea’s office wear. The mesh back bottom stopper also accompanies a full accessory lineup. You’ll see cushions, mouse mats, a new ROG peg board, and more in the shots.

We barely have any further information on the upcoming products but you shouldn’t have long to wait to find out if these pictures are the real deal. Keep an eye on Gamespace for our mad dash to the Ikea website during the reveal. Who knows, maybe there will even be some RGB involved.

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