Immortals Fenyx Rising Art Book Coming This Month

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Ubisoft and Dark Horse Books have announced that a new artbook based on Immortals Fenyx Rising will be released on January 20, 2021. It will retail for $39.99 and will offer fans an inside peek at the game’s development and the design process. According to the book description, readers will also get a look at the decision-making processes involved in creating a game of this size.

Here is the book description:

The creative team of Ubisoft Quebec presents a fantastical world based on mythological tales, rife with creatures such as bestial minotaur, gigantic cyclops, evil chimera, ferocious harpies, and the terrifying Medusa. This volume offers an inside look at the craft behind that massive and magical land, wherein readers will find themselves taking part in a heroic journey that spans the lush paradisiacal lands of Aphrodite the goddess of love, through the scarred battlefield and fortress of Ares the god of war, up Mount Olympus–home of the mighty Zeus, down into the darkest corners of the underworld. and much more! Not only does this book lend insights into designs of Fenyx, a new winged Greek hero, with their legendary weapons and armor, but also the environments that players will explore, the creatures they will encounter, and–most importantly–the gods themselves, who seek aid against the fearsome titan and father of all monsters, Typhon!

The Art of Immortals Fenyx Rising gives readers unique insights into the masterful development of a memorable gaming experience. This collection of concept art and creator commentary is sure to engage any fan of games, art, or ancient myth!

The book can be preordered on the Dark Horse Books site.

In the meantime, check out our Immortals Fenyx Rising review to see why we said, “The game still utilizes an open-world, the way it goes about it is very different.  While it doesn’t bring anything new or innovative to the table of action-adventures, Immortals is a short and charming colorful journey into Greek mythology.”

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