Immortals Fenyx Rising Shows Off Game Regions

As a part of IGN First, the developers from Ubisoft have shared more details about the upcoming roleplaying action Immortals Fenyx Rising (previously known as Gods & Monsters). The game is launching on December 3 for Stadia, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC including UPLAY+, and will also be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

As Fenyx, a winged hero on a quest to free the Gods of Olympus from a curse, players will wield godly powers and ancient weapons to battle towering mythological creatures across a fantastical land called the Golden Isle. The Golden Isle consists of 7 regions, each corresponding with a God or Goddess from the Greek pantheon:

  • Hermes – Clashing Rocks: this is the starting area of your journey that serves as a sort of tutorial. This area looks devastated after a massive battle.
  • Aphrodite – Valley of the Eternal Spring: Aphrodite’s zone features the hall of the gods. This is where you’ll do all of your upgrading and customization. This is also where the Gods will gather after you’ve saved them.
  • Ares – War’s Den: as Ares is a God of war, his realm reflects it with its harsh landscape and a prevalent of red color. Essentially, it is a huge battlezone with defeated Titans and Ares’ keep.
  • Athena – Grove of Kleos: Athena’s area is most “iconically Greek”. There is a sort of storehouse for heroes.
  • Hephaistos – The Forgelands: the Forgelands are sort of barren as they were stripped of all resources to be used by Hephaistos’ creations.
  • Zeus – King’s Peak: it is a snowy mountain that you will try to figure your way up and climb. It feels like the end of the game.
  • Typhon – Gates of Tartaros: this is the central point of the map featuring a volcano. This is where the endgame boss fight will take place.
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