Imperiums Team Working on New Rome vs Carthage DLC

The Imperiums team has announced that it has started working on the game’s next DLC. The new content, Rome vs Carthage, deals with epic tensions between two city-states and the rise of the Roman Empire in the 3rd Century BCE. The sprawling DLC will allow players to take on control of any one of the 25 states on a huge map featuring over 5000 tiles.

Rome vs Carthage is the latest in a series of DLC added to Imperiums. Most recently, the Age of Alexander expansion pack was added. All of the content in Rome vs Carthage is considered an extension of the Alexander expansion and will be included in the newest addition to the game.

Features include:

  • migrating tribes that are independent and that will defend their own cities
  • specific scripted historical events that are triggered when certain conditions are met
  • multiturn events including rebellions and plague outbreaks that make the game more realistic as players react to these events
  • mandatory objectives that force players to choose one objective at a time to provide more immersion and strategic thinking

We wanted this DLC to be more than just a new campaign map and we have put a lot of thought into the new mechanics. In our opinion, the game is quite complex as it is, more new rules could make it too complicated and less fun to play. So, the new mechanics will extend existing features of the game to provide a greater immersion and period authenticity without the need to learn new rules. More interesting and fun to play!

Check out the Imperiums Steam page to learn more about the Rome vs Carthage DLC.

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