In Godzilla Destruction You Become the King of Monsters

Folks looking for an engaging mobile game with a decidedly world-stomping theme will definitely want to check out Godzilla Destruction. TOHO Games has announced the release of the game for both iOS and Android mobile devices and is being celebrated with a brand new trailer that details the key elements of the game.

The game allows players to become the big guy himself as he runs through the world crushing cities and terrorizing all corners of the world. How fun is it to destroy cities across the globe? Apparently, a lot!

In celebration of the event, from April 27th to May 14th, players can leverage some goodies during a special login event. The first time players log in, they will be rewarded with 2,700 gems, an in-game currency. Further gems will be rewarded at a variety of benchmark log in. Gems are used to spin the gacha where they can take home monsters and upgraded items.

Features include:

  • Skills: Destroy enemies to earn EXP and increase your level! Learn new skills as you level up!
  • Upgrade Your Kaiju: Use items earned from clearing stages and spinning gacha to make your Kaiju even more powerful!
  • Gacha: Spin the gacha to win Kaiju and upgrade items!
  • World: Make cities across the globe tremble in the wake of Godzilla’s enormous power!
  • Shop: Exchange gems obtained by clearing areas for upgrade items and powerful Kaiju!
  • Kaiju Field Guide: Build your own original Kaiju collection!

Check out the Godzilla Destruction official site to learn more.

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Suzie is an avid gamer and has been since 1995. She lives in the desert with her own personal minion while dreaming of pixel worlds beyond Earth.

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