Infect Your Friends In Dr. Mario World Multiplayer

Recently, Nintendo announced Dr. Mario World was about almost ready to see us. Now, a new trailer has surfaced covering the multiplayer modes of Dr. Mario World.

Coming to iOS and Android on 10 July, Dr. Mario World is a mobile version of Dr. Mario. As we described during the initial announcement, the original SNES game took the puzzle genre and challenged players to learn their screen of viruses using a match 3 style system.

Modern mobile connectivity brings in a few new twists to this idea as players connect their social media accounts. Once a player’s Line or Facebook friends are hooked up it looks like a simple case of poking your fellow Drs to take on the challenge. As we saw from earlier updates, the game revolves around clearing a grid of viral problems. Versus mode allows players in Dr. Mario World multiplayer to utilize the attack and defense power of their own player character. Clearing out matching viruses fills an attack bar and allows characters to send viruses at their opponents. Conversely, defense power seems to allow players to stave off encroaching viruses in versus mode. Each player character even has its own unique skill from clearing random slots to removing a uniform line.

With a variety of different skills and player stats available it looks like Dr. Mario is sure to be infectious fun. We don’t have much more information at this time and you will have to wait until 10 July before the Dr will see you. Until then you could keep on chasing off Dementors in the Wizarding World or head over the official website for more information.

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