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The eighties. A great time of good music, wholesome television shows, and epic RPGs that kept drawing you in. Berzerk Studio looks to reclaim some of the old glory in a new age with Infernax. An old-school adventure platformer that brings you home from the crusades and into a world of evil and dread. Do you have what it takes to enter into this world? I did. Find out more below in our review for Infernax.


I grew up in the eighties with old-style Nintendo graphics, side-scrolling platformers for days, and RPGs as far as the eye could see. Now the glory days have returned and with them a title that fuses several of these elements together in a seamless way, Infernax is here. I wanted to take this review for a test drive because it was everything that I wanted in a good story. You enter into this unholy world as a Lord who is returning to his kingdom from the Crusades. Upon returning you discover, almost right away, that something is foul in the state of Denmark. Monsters are roaming the roads and sometimes they are people who turn into monsters. Early on you are presented with your first choice, that’s right a story choice. Like the Bioware games that we all love this title has choices that will affect your personal story. Not to sound like I am quoting the Matrix but there is always the inevitable choice that brings us to where we are now. Every time there is a choice to be made I have to stop and think hard about it. I don’t know what is going to happen and neither will you and that is the genius in it.

Combat is simple to figure out. Hit the attack button and kill the enemies. Armed with a Mace and a shield you will fight the forces of evil to take back your kingdom. From little bugs to giant bosses, you will need to keep your wits about you. When you get to boss battles that is when you really need to think. Each boss has its own special hit area and movement pattern to follow. Once you learn them through trial and error you will come out on top, or you will die once more. Once in your first town, there will be shops with which to purchase stronger weapons, armor, and magic skills. Each skill will ultimately help get you out of sticky situations and help get into areas that are not able to be reached without them. I love how combat feels very much like Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest and that is what really drew me into Infernax. That and the amazing music that plays throughout keeps that feeling alive and well. On top of normal combat, each enemy killed gives you experience points so that the character can be leveled up as well as gold coins to buy your skills and gear. Extra lives are a thing. The more hearts you can get the better. You will die, make no mistake about it. Having an extra life to start at the beginning of a room you are in will be super helpful as opposed to going back to your last save point. Killing creatures will get you covered in blood and guts, and defeating bosses will do the same thing. Be prepared to go clean yourself off.

Story progression isn’t immediately recognizable until you speak with the priest. After each task, he will give you an update on what is going on in the world and basically tell you where you need to go. This allows for deeper story development and NPCs feeling like they belong in the world. Be careful. Some NPCs will see you doing certain things in choice situations and they may or may not react in certain ways to you. This is discovered very early on, and I forgot all about it until I was a few hours into Infernax to remember it happened. The story is progressed further by defeating bosses inside of castles, and no this isn’t Mario fighting Bowser. Each castle becomes increasingly more difficult so leveling up your character in the outside world is highly beneficial. Or learning how to avoid fights altogether.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

Overall, Infernax is a title I didn’t know about a week ago and has quickly sucked me in and become one of my top titles to play for 2022. It is available starting February 14, 2022. I highly recommend this for anyone who is into retro-style RPGs and platformers. Have fun and enjoy it as much as I have.
  • Good storytelling
  • An old-school platformer with RPG elements
  • Great music
  • Feels like a AAA retro title
  • A little difficult for some people perhaps
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