Injustice 2 Sporting a Free Play Weekend for PS4 & XBox One


Console players who’ve been sitting on the fence about buying Injustice 2 may want to take note. From December 14-28, PlayStation 4 (Plus members) and XBox One (Gold members) players can try the game out totally for free. Though it’s out on PC, those folks are plain out of luck.

The free trial allows you to check out the first three chapters of the game’s story mode. In addition, the entire roster is available to try out in multiplayer mode.

Injustice 2

Here’s what we had to say in our review when we scored the PC version at 8/10:

Injustice 2 has also introduced a microtransaction style currency in game, but I found that it wasn’t too necessary as I found most of what you could purchase you could also get through playing through the game.  Still, for those looking for a specific appearance change, I don’t hate the idea of being able to purchase the exact look you want especially with a host of new DC and extended characters like Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat and the Ninja Turtles.  As with just about any fighting game, even on PC Injustice two plays best with a controller, and I tested both the Xbox and Playstation controllers for posterity’s sake.  In summation, Injustice 2 turned out to be a fantastic sequel that does end up eclipsing the first in longevity, gameplay, and story due to the multiple ending possibilities.  While my main disappointment was mainly due to performance issues on a video card from last generation, some other hindrances were due to some stopgaps in combos and general combat that gave the gameplay a less than fluid feel. Without mincing words, Injustice 2 is a fantastic DC Universe fighter that should not be missed by comic or fighting game fans alike.


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