Injustice 2 Update Issues Continue Through The Weekend

Injustice 2 Update - Injustice 2 PC edition review

After the 1.1 update for Injustice 2 last week, players reported losing gear & currency they earned through the matches. Even after a later patch the issue is still not resolved.

The September 26th patch lead to many players finding shaders, virtual currency and gear deleted. This is significant because the gearing system is a new feature for the series that allows changing stats for the characters. However, players are very upset because of the amount of time required to earn the right gear for the right characters. After advising players to restart their game, developers understood that it would not solve the issue with gear received after the 25th of September.

The developers released an update 1.11 that was supposed to fix the matter, but many players continue to report that they did not receive their virtual items back.

It is interesting to note that players who updated the v1.0 straight to v1.11 (skipping the update to v1.1) have not lost the items. Developers have given no indication whether there will be a rollback to deal with the situation or a different kind of fix, so stay tuned!

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