Insurgency: Sandstorm – Operation Cold Blood Now Live

The developers from New World Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive have released a new update for FPS Insurgency: Sandstorm. Update 1.9 is titled Operation Cold Blood adds a new winter map Bab. Fight your way through a village, down snowy hills, over a frozen river, and up to the gates of an ancient fortress. This map differs from our other maps by being more supportive of long-range combat and open layout play, but still has plenty of points for medium to close range engagements.

Bab has support for the following game modes:

  • Versus
    • Push Security
    • Push Insurgents
    • Firefight
    • Domination
  • Co-op
    • Checkpoint Security
    • Checkpoint Insurgents
    • Hardcore Checkpoint Security
    • Hardcore Checkpoint Insurgents
    • Outpost

The update also adds new weapons: M110 SASS and M1 Garand, the two high caliber semi-automatic sniper rifles available for the Marksman class. Both weapons support Optic, Underbarrel, Barrel, and other upgrades, including an old school 22mm muzzle-loaded grenade launcher for the M1 Garand. Oh, and be careful: when you run out of bullets in the M1 Garand, both you and your enemies will hear its loud iconic “ping” sound.

Additionally, the developers have added toggleable optics, free unlockable cosmetics, DLC cosmetics and more!

Check out the full patch notes to see all the changes coming to Insurgency Sandstorm with the addition of Operation Cold Blood.

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