Insurgency: Sandstorm – Operation Nightfall Update Trailer

The developers from New World Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive have revealed the new trailer for Insurgency: Sandstorm to celebrate the game’s biggest free update Operation Nightfall. Every map in the game, alongside with the new map Tideway, now has a night version. To help you play, the devs also introduced new night-themed gear: Night Vision Goggles, flashlights, infrared gadgets, and more.

The new night mode is available in official co-op with modified enemy AI responsive to light, as well as Versus in limited-time playlists and on community servers. This update also brings with it five new weapons, also available for free. In addition, the first paid cosmetic DLC packs are launching alongside the update. Become the night with the Ghillie pack for the Security forces, or with the dark-themed Nightstalker pack for Insurgents.

Night Maps

All of our maps, as well as our brand new map Tideway, can now be played in a night time version. Only official Co-op playlists will feature night maps, not PvP. We excluded PvP for a few reasons, primarily because of balance issues and the fact that in the previous Insurgency PvP night maps were very unpopular. You can read more about this decision in our State of Production #9 post here.

  • Enemy AI have lower visibility and night-appropriate responsiveness
  • Enemy AI will call out if they see a player’s flashlight
  • Enemy AI Breachers and Advisors make use of weapon flashlights to locate and blind players
  • When players respawn in Hardcore Checkpoint, they will have a flashlight equipped on their default bolt-action rifle
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