Interested in Game Design and Animation? Consider These Degrees

Game Design

The popularity of game design is continually increasing as people in the industry, interested or not, are seeing that video games are not going anywhere. In fact, this billion-dollar industry will never go away. This is the reason why there is an increase in interest in degrees for game design.

The same goes for those who want to take an animation degree. Animation, for the last few years, has come a long way. It has plenty of applications from ads to video games to special effects. The demand for animation is so high that hopeful students are looking for programs or degrees that can help them enrich their knowledge and fulfill their goals in the future as an animator.

Whether online or offline, those who want to acquire technical skills can take various degree programs in animation and game design from different schools. But, which degree programs are best for you?

Choose Your Area of Focus

Since the game design and animation are broad career fields, you have to determine where your talent lies and which area of focus you would like to study more of. The common areas of focus are the following:

  • Special Effects – From weather elements like wind and sleet to character traits, you will be able to make photo grade effects for environments and characters in games and movies.
  • Computer Animation – You will learn techniques on 2D and 3D animation and prepare to apply them using state-of-the-art and sophisticated tools.
  • Modeling – Believable and realistic models and characters are considered as the crux of game, movie, CGI effects, and television animation. You will be a specialist in making surfaces as well as anatomy as a 3D modeling expert.
  • Fine Arts – You will learn the classical applications of the architecture, color theory, layout, character movement, lighting, and composition, which make up the foundation for a career in animation.

Once you have determined your area of focus, you can start your hunt for the best degrees for animation and game design.

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Degrees for Animation and Game Design

  • BS Animation

Generally, this degree covers both computer-based and classical animation techniques. It teaches the students about the illusion of life through character development, storytelling, and presentation. The course covers composition and drawing, computer motion capture, and keyframing.

A degree in animation shows that potential employees have put in the time to learn their craft and familiar with the industry-standard tools and methods.

  • BS in Computer Science

The benefit of this degree is the programming foundation that you will get from it. Game design and animation degrees can be good, but also they can be limiting at the same time. A degree in computer science with a gaming concentration will give you a wide array of marketable skills.

  • BA in Interactive Entertainment

This degree basically focuses on more than just traditional games. Interactive media means that it will let you explore emerging technologies and platforms. It has some advantages and one of these is that it focuses on innovation.

  • BS in Game Design and Development

It encompasses the core computer science skills. Having a strong foundation on computing means you have a wiggle room if you do not land your dream job in game design. You will have some options in other lateral fields like simulation and edutainment.

  • BA in Game Design

While it’s worthwhile to complete the mathematics courses, BA in game design basically focuses more on several classes including animation, drawing, music, and writing. Rather than technical coding elements, you will get more training in things like psychology and economics. It means you are focusing on user experience.

BA in Game Design will also equip you to go into games and be able to make user interfaces and some key elements. It will also teach you how to unpack every user experience in the environments outside the video games. If designing games is an essential element for you, this degree is perfect for you. If you do not care about programming, this is also a great option.

Other Degree Options for Animation and Game Design

  • BS in Digital Media
  • BFA in Computer Animation
  • BS in Simulation, Animation, and Gaming
  • BFA in Game Design
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Animation and Game Design

The Bottom Line

There are lots of options available for you when it comes to the degree programs for game design and animation. If you are confused with the options, make sure that you really know what your passion and needs are. With this, you can easily choose the degree program suited for you. It’s also a good idea to ask for help from your friends or family.

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