Intrepid Students Preparing The Maestros for CBT

A group of intrepid students has worked hard to create the next big thing in real-time strategy. The Maestros is closing in on the time for closed beta testing. In fact, the first round of closed beta testing is set for November 12th.

Intrepid students & The Maestros

If you’re wondering what The Maestros is, nothing states it quite as well as the developers themselves:

What’s a Maestros?
The Maestros is a new-fangled Action/Strategy game built by some dudes who decided they’d grown quite weary of watching the underpaid workers of various fictional universes ferry raw materials back and forth to an unidentifiable structure, and they’d really rather get on with smashing awesome robots against genetically modified creatures in an unceremonious battle of wits and skill.



Closed beta invites have closed, so you’re out of luck there for the first round of testing. However, you can still check out the Steam page to learn more about the game.

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