Invite Buddies to Play Ghost Recon Breakpoint for Free

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft has introduced a pair of brand new ways for players who don’t already own Ghost Recon Breakpoint to play for free. The announcement was made yesterday just after the free weekend event wrapped up and we’ve got the details.

The Friends Pass allows game owners to invite friends to join them playing even if they don’t currently own Breakpoint. The caveat is, of course, that these buddies have to join coop sessions with the game owner and be playing on the same platform. Game owners can invite as many friends as they want but only three at a time can join them for a cooperative session. The Friends Pass is available until June 16th for all versions of the game including PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Another way to enjoy Breakpoint for free is through the Trial version. Players can download and play the game for up to six hours. Interestingly, the Trial and the Friends Pass can be combined. Trial players who join a Friends Pass session will have the 6-hour timer paused while gaming with a buddy. Once rejoining Trial play, the timer starts again. When the six hours are complete, players have the option to purchase the game to retain all of the progress made in Trial mode. The Trial version is available on all platforms though a PS Plus or Xbox Gold account are needed for Trial co-op play.

Check out the details on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint official site.

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