Iratus: Lord Of The Dead Rises on Steam Early Access in July

iratus: lord of the dead

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is about to bring a brand new roguelike RPG to PC gamers. Indulge your evil side with Deadalic Entertainment’s new title when it hits early access on 24 of July.

Iratus: Lord Of The Dead is the work of Russian development studio and while it is their very first game as an entity, Iratus does take an ingenious twist from the traditional hero trope. Like some classic dungeon management sims, this particular RPG puts players in the guise of an ancient evil. Playing as newly resurrected necromancer named Iratus, players are put on a path of bloody retribution and a quest to escape their imprisonment.

Powerful Revenge

Like ay good necromancer, Iratus will wield an array of occult powers as he uses the severed remains of his fallen foes to create an army of bloody monstrous pawns. Each of these minions can be customized with over 100 particular skills and built up into a personal army that even the most fearless adventurer might think twice about taking on.

As you wind your way through the roguelike dungeons and climb towards freedom, Iratus can master four distinct magic lines. Alchemy, Magic, Ire, and Destruction allows Iratus to utilize a number of skills, each with their own particular benefits and a range of strategies in the game’s turn-based combat system.

While Iratus might be a necromancer, that doesn’t mean that he cannot be put down for good. Permadeath is a threat to both your enemies and minions so don’t expect to keep conjuring an army of the dead. With permadeath, an appropriately dark aesthetic, and a nice new twist on the roguelike dungeon crawler, Iraus: Lord of The Dead might very well be your next adventure. Get revenge when Iratus: Lord of the Dead hits Steam early access on 24 July.

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