Iron Conflict Chops and Changes With Helicopter Update

iron conflict helicopter

Get to the Choppa! Iron Conflict, the recently released real time combat strategy is giving players a new chariot with an update brimming with helicopters.

Blowing its way into Steam Early Access in January 2021, Iron conflict is an extremely pretty looking real time strategy game with plenty of troops and technology to choose from when taking on your own missions. Now players who are busy dominating the battlefield can add another quiver to their bow as Angela Games and Imperium Interactive have dropped an update that adds the horse of the sky.

Up In The Sky!

The new helicopter focused update airdrops in a ton of new potential avenues of attack for keyboard warriors and armchair generals. The game’s Dragon Faction will benefit from the WZ-9, WZ-10, and WZ-19 “Black Whirlwind”, while the Eagle Faction will get the AH-1F, the AH-1G, and the AH-1Z Cobra-series helicopters. Weapons and units in Iron Conflict are all based on real world systems and vehicles, but with their own in game tweaks. Each unit is customizable using modules, accessories, and different ammunition types to enhance their abilities.

This means it’s not all just about playing Ride of the Valkyries and going full Apocalypse Now. Helicopters can be equipped with a variety of rockets, air-to-air missiles, and air-to-surface anti-tank missiles so you can go scorch some earth. Alongside the obvious addition to this real time strategy, iron Conflict players will also find bug fixes, optimizations, and new skins that give players yet another way to personalize their Iron Conflict experience.

If you haven’t heard of Iron Conflict then you can check out more before stepping onto the battlefield over at the official Steam Store Page, where you’ll find a whole range of missions and units available to conquer the battlefield, picked from the end of WWII right up until the present day, because who doesn’t want to see a Spitfire go toe to toe with an F35.

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