Iron Conflict Ready To Conquer Steam In Early Access

Iron Conflict, the new real time military RTS from Angela Game, is out now in Steam Early Access.

Any eagle eyed adventurers might have caught our news post covering the early unveiling of Iron Conflict over the last few months. Now the team behind this ion screen explosion have pulled the trigger and unleashed massive multiple military battles onto PC, via Steam. Right now you can pick up a vast array of military units, iconic weapons, and vehicles from multiple eras of war, including planes and tanks such as the F-35 fighter jet and the M1A1 Abrams. Once you’ve picked your weapons of war you can attack your enemies across photorealistic battlegrounds, including deserts, rural farmland, and hilltops.

Where Angela is hoping that you’ll really get invested is the huge 10v10 battles and competitive play that is available to commanders. You’ll be able to pick and match from hundreds of vehicles and infantry. Giving plenty of tactical potential, foot soldiers can be tooled up to provide anti-air support, unleash powerful artillery strikes, or take aim with devastating surface-to-surface missiles. In addition, ammunition, accessories, and individual stats can be modified to take advantage of a particular situation.

With plenty of power ups, the potential for unique strategies, and some high def destruction all waiting, this one might be one way to beat the lockdown this weekend, and its a chance to hone your skills before Carrier Command returns to screens too. You can check out the trailer for Iron Conflict above and head over to the official Steam Store to check out more about Iron Conflict’s Early Access launch.

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