Iron Danger Trailer Takes Just A Few Minutes OF Your Time

Iron Danger, the time bending RPG from that Daedalic Entertainment just unveiled a new trailer and a further glimpse at its tech-noir world.

Coming to PC via Steam on 26 April, Iron Danger is an RPG like few others. It takes the time honored linear approach of many games before it and bends them back on itself for a new type of adventure. This brand new trailer gives potential heroes a glimpse of what’s to come, what came, and what might be one of the most inventive ideas we’ve seen in some time.

Developed by Action Squad Studios, the top down title exists in a steampunk fantasy realm where magic and machines coexist. Inspired by Finish folklore, many of the inhabitants of Iron Danger inhabit lofty fells, primeval forests, and serene lakeside cabins all of which coexists with gods and monsters. This unusual amalgamation of themes holds many rewards and plenty of upcoming danger in the long grass. Thankfully, players won’t need to rely on necromancy to make it through the worst of these challenges.

While plenty of puzzles and battles await, adventurers aking on Iron Danger can rewind time for up to 5 seconds, providing an opportunity to rethink and replay their way through a puzzle-like experience that will inspire strategy, precision, experimentation, and foresight. This isn’t just a gimmick. We caught a preview of Iron SDanger at Gamescom 2019 and even at its early stages of development, this RPG showed some unique promise, great replayability, and quite a lot of fire. Then again, steampunk and pyromancy probably are not a great mix.

For more detail about this promising new RPG, check out the official Steam Store page and take a glimpse at the gorgeous new Iron Danger trailer at the top of this title.


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