Ironsight Opens up Beta On Steam With New Content

Gamigo has just announced that online action shooter Ironsight is extending its Open Beta onto Steam and there’s a ton of new content to boot.

Taking aim at a wider audience today, the multiplayer action from developer Wiple Games brings players into a post-battle for the withering resources of this blue dot. Set in the wake of a massive natural disaster, the game features two distinct earthbound factions, the North Atlantic Federation (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN). As the two separate factions clash over all that remains of a once fruitful planet, Ironsight arms players with a range of elaborate and powerful weapons all powered by Trinitium. High tech artillery, precision drone strikes, and Over 100 customizable weapons are available to blast away your enemies across the globe.

Now, the forces of EDEN and NAF are getting even more to fight over. Players jumping into the ongoing open beta for this FPS are getting the recovery update too. Recovery adds a total of two new maps to the fray, a Capture the Flag mode, and a bunch of new weapons too. Map and Russian Station both play host to new game modes. Capture the flag challenges players to grab the enemy team’s flags or lose horribly. Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Frontline also join the roster of available game modes as players pick up an arsenal of new weapons.

The new assault rifle Type 89 and the tactical drone FlyTrap are ready to go right from player’s first match in the new Recovery update. With Recovery, Gamigo has added a whole ton of update as it invites players to go gun-ho and blast their way through this stunning new title. You can find out more about Iroonsight by checking out the official site now, pick it up for free over on Steam, or just glimpse the action in the trailer above.


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