Is Blizzard making a new FPS?

Overwatch Switch

It seems that Blizzard is hiring for an unannounced project, and early hints imply that it could be another first-person shooter. As pointed out by VG247, the veteran Irvine studio is currently posting several jobs for unannounced projects. But at least two seem to imply that the studio’s work is geared towards first-person action games. In other words – shooters.

But could it be something more? Blizzard’s own take on Battle Royale? Blizzard’s attempt to do a DayZ type game? Maybe a narrative exploration game? Chances are it’s another shooter, perhaps even one based on the Overwatch IP (who wouldn’t want a Tracer-starring game?). Rest assured, you’ll know when the rest of the world knows. Perhaps as early as BlizzCon 2017?

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