Is Krunker the best browser shooting game in 2019?

Is Krunker the best browser shooting game in 2019

Browser-based FPS games are an enjoyable time-killer. The technology driving browser-based games has advanced considerably in recent times, which means browser-based FPS games are entirely capable of nearly next-gen graphics and detail, yet load quickly into the browser, allowing you to get right into the action without lengthy download and installation process.

There’s a lot of great browser-based FPS titles available, but Krunker is one of the most oft mentioned. Does that make Krunker IO the best? That’s what we’re here to figure out. In this article, we’re going to compare Krunker to some of the other FPS browser games out there, and see what makes Krunker so popular.

Krunker’s Graphics

The graphics in Krunker are nothing to boast of – yet in fact, that’s part of the game’s appeal.

The graphics are essentially Minecraft with guns. So it’s not state-of-the-art by any measure, but voxel graphics certainly have their own appeal. Furthermore, there are alot of very popular gun mods for Minecraft, so it seems Krunker knew the audience it was going after.

So Krunker doesn’t have the graphics of more advanced browser games like Red Crucible or Global Strike, but that isn’t what it’s trying to be.

Krunker’s Dev Support

We see a lot of the time a browser game become popular, the developer ports it to the mobile or full desktop installer, and the browser version receives no further support. A perfect example is Bullet Force, which once enjoyed a sizeable population in the browser version.

Once the dev started developing a desktop version to be released on Steam, development on the browser version completely stopped, the population dropped off, and the developer stopped development altogether.

Krunker, on the other hand, is frequently updated. In fact, as of writing this article, it was updated 7 hours ago, with 50 new character skins, exploit fixes, and other changes.

Krunker’s community

Doing a quick search for “Krunker forums” turns up a number of results across different websites, including an official sub-Reddit with over 6300 members. The sub-Reddit itself is quite active, with a lot of game memes, gameplay discussions, and developer updates posted all hours of the day.

There’s also a healthy number of clans and tournaments within the Krunker community. A recent Krunker tournament had 256 participants, with a grand prize of $600 and a custom in-game spray tag.

Searching for communities of other browser-based FPS games did not really turn up any results.

Final thoughts

The “best” is a subjective term. If you want a game that’s a bit more tactical, a more “realistic” war-like experience, Krunker wouldn’t be your game. You’d be looking for something like Rush Team or Global Strike. But if we use the criteria of most active community, frequent developer updates, and classic arena shooter gameplay, Krunker fits the bill for a lot of browser gamers.

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