Is Xfinity Limiting Your Gaming Speed? What Can You Do?


People often think that slow internet speeds are down to their broadband provider. This may be the case, but if you want to help yourself, then there are a few things that you can do if you suspect your ISP is throttling your speed.

Test your Speed

Before you do anything, you have to make sure that you do a speed test. This can be done with a speed checker. When you do this, you can then find out how fast your internet connection really is. It will also give you the chance to test it after you have made the below changes too, so you can see if there has been any impact at all.

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Secure your WiFI

If your WiFi is not protected, then you could be slowing down your internet. You may even find that people are logging onto your WiFi network without you knowing about it and this can cause you to experience a drop in speeds. Fortunately, providers are now able to supply you with a password-protected router automatically. If you do not have one set up right now however then it could be time for you to change this. If you don’t know how then open up your router settings by entering the IP address into your website browser. This is the number that is printed somewhere on the router. It will look similar to You may need to login by using the admin password and username here. If you know that it isn’t then you may need to check with your broadband provider to see if they can give you any additional support with securing your WiFi.


Another thing that you can do is use a VPN to have access to better speeds by accessing your internet from another location.  Sometimes ISPs like Comcast and others might throttle their customers’ internet speed.  By making use of the best VPN for Xfinity, it is a great way for you to bypass possible throttling, data caps, and possible overage fees.

Move Your Router

Lots of things can easily impact the overall strength of your wireless broadband signal. This can include your doors, walls or even something as simple as a baby monitor. If you know that you are suffering from WiFi that is slow or even unreliable then you may want to try and move it. Ideally, your router will be positioned high up, on top of something like a bookshelf. If you want to get coverage across your entire home, then you may want to stick it somewhere central. This could include being at the top of the stairs. If you put it in a cupboard then this will certainly be impacting your speed, so make sure that you keep that in mind too.

Clean up your PC

You have to remember that there are plenty of applications that could be limiting your speed. Some of them might be doing it without you even being aware. Windows updates, pop-ups, instant chat applications and more can really work against you as well, so it is important that you monitor them and that you also make sure that they are not all eating away at your bandwidth. If you want to find out if anything is affecting your speeds then you need to shut down any bandwidth-hogging apps, such as Spotify or even BBC Iplayer. If you want to do this then press ALT + CTRL and DEL to open up the task manager. When you do this, you will then be able to see all of the programs that are running. This will give you the chance to uninstall the ones that you don’t want running. If you play games then doing this is even more important.

Powerline Adapter

Powerline adapters essentially use the electricity lines in your house to boost your signal. It does this from room to room. This is great if you have rooms in your house where the signal is weak or where you really struggle. It may be possible for you to get a powerline adapter from your internet provider, but you may have to pay for it. If you aren’t quite sure if your provider is able to offer you an adapter, then make sure that you talk with them and find out if you can use one from a third party. If you can, then you can easily pick one up from Amazon.

Switch Broadband

If none of the above tips work, then it may be worth you trying to change broadband providers. It may be that your current provider cannot offer you the speeds that you are looking for, and if this is the case then you certainly need to try and do something about it. If you don’t then you could end up in an even worse situation and you may even be paying for speeds that you are not able to capitalize on.

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