Islands of Insight Offline Mode in the Works

Islands of Insight Offline Mode in the Works

Behaviour Interactive has announced that devs are working hard to create an offline mode for their puzzler Islands of Insight. Since the game’s launch, players have been asking for a way to play the game without being online. Developers have heard the call and will enhance the player experience and allow the community to play the game in its own way.

The conundrum is real, however. The game was originally developed as a shared world to bring a new perspective to the puzzle genre. The goal was to create a space where hundreds of people would play and to provide opportunities for social interaction, community, and streaming opportunities. Be that as it may, devs have heard players and are working double-time to make offline mode happen. It should be ready for release in the next several months.

What else was announced?

Developers also announced that a new demo is available from the game’s Steam page. The first biome is available to give players an opportunity to “try before buying.”

The game is also part of the Steam Cerebral Puzzle Showcase that will run from Thursday, May 23rd to Thursday, May 30th.

Check out the Islands of Insight official site for further details.

About Islands of Insight

Seek out and solve an unparalleled collection of over 10,000 puzzles divided across 24 puzzle types. Every corner of the world holds a new eureka moment for you to discover. From enigmas of perspective to logic problems, environmental challenges and more, the puzzles you’ll encounter vary in difficulty and have been crafted by some of the best minds in puzzle design to create an engaging experience for both newcomers and seasoned puzzle fans.

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