Islands of Nyne Prepares For Steam Early Access

Islands of Nyne is a community-driven, First-Person Battle Royale from Define Human Studios that consists of game development veterans from such studios as BioWare, Epic Games and Ubisoft. The team has decided to demonstrate their own spin on the genre with a core focus on fast-paced, skill-driven gameplay set in a sci-fi inspired universe where anything is possible.

The game will toss a hundred players into an alien-built arena surrounded by a plasmatic shield that advances to the center of the field. Your goal is to collect gear, defeat the other contenders and always stay a step ahead of the plasma field.

Due to the size and the scope of Islands of Nyne, the developers decided that Steam Early Access will allow them to involve the community in the development and testing of the game, and receive valuable feedback. The game will enter the Early Access in Q2 2018 and remain in it for approximately a year.

“Islands of Nyne has undergone extensive testing during its Pre-Alpha and Alpha phases throughout its years of development, and as such, its current state can be considered more polished than most titles on Early Access. Crashes should be extremely rare, performance on both the client-side and network should be comparable to most Early Access titles in the same genre if not better, and most importantly, gameplay is fun and relatively balanced. Despite its current state of polish, we will continue to closely monitor player experience so that we can respond to any bug reports or balance issues with haste. We don’t sleep here at Define Human Studios.

In terms of features, our Early Access version offers a character customization system, player matchmaking lobbies, eSports tournament settings, a competitive ranking system, level progression with unlockable rewards, in-game squads & proximity VoiP, a robust Anti-Cheat, private servers, player stats, and global/friends-only leaderboards.”

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