It Takes Two – ‘We’re Better Together’ Trailer

Developer Hazelight and publisher Electronic Arts have shared a new trailer for the upcoming co-op adventure It Takes Two. Titled “We’re Better Together”, it gives players a glimpse at the game’s story and the journey that awaits Cody and May.

Cody and May, the protagonists of the game, are a couple that was going through the process of divorce. They get magically turned into dolls by their daughter Rose. Now, they must work together to fix it and get back to normal. Two players will venture through a huge variety of gameplay challenges.

The world of It Takes Two is also filled with things to interact with and activities to explore. A huge amount of minigames are scattered throughout the adventure where the two players can set the collaboration aside for a bit for some friendly competition.

It Takes Two is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam & Origin on March 26. The pre-orders are active. Check out the Steam page of the game to find out more.

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