Bundle For Racial Justice Passes $2 Million

bundle for racial justice

After launching a massive bundle offer to aid causes centred on racial justice, an has raised over $2 million in just just a few days.

Kicking off their campaign on June 6, has managed to make an astronomical amount for two particularly relevant causes since it announced its offer. The open indie game marketplace reached out to creators in the wake of the ongoing BlackLivesMatter protests and over 740 projects were donated to the charitable cause. More than $3,400 of work has been put up on sale and all that the combined 500+ creators are asking for is a charitable donation.

The proceeds from this event are split between NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund 50/50, both of which are being called upon to support racial justice campaigners now and in the future. While many of you may not have a great deal of money, a minimum donation of $5 will provide you with direct downloads for games such as Oxenfree, Desktop Goose, and Super Bernie World. Of course, there are way more indie titles than we can list here. If you’re looking to support a similar set of support groups but with a different set of games then the Black Lives Matter Support Bundle on contains up to 20 games across 2 tiers for a slightly more generous $20 or $40. This second bundle features some better known games such as Coffee Talk, StarCrossed, and Monn Hunters.

These bundles are just one of the ways you can choose to support individuals impacted by racial inequality, including many of the protesters arrested during demonstrations instigated by the murder of George Floyd. Whether you’re just interested in donating, grabbing some obscure desktop geese or playing something a little more well known, there’s an opportunity to give and get something here. You can check out the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and the Black Lives Matter Support Bundle over at now.

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