It’s a Great Week to Earn Extra Loot in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

With the upcoming weekend, it’s never a bad idea to look into your favorite games to see how you can score some big bucks. Red Dead Online is no exception and Rockstar aims to please the currency-challenged players in its ranks. There are several ways to earn extra RDO$ and a few other goodies along the way. So let’s see what’s on tap in RDO through the balance of the week.

  • Take part in Call to Arms for Double XP
  • Other Call to Arms bonuses include:
    • Survive to Wave 3 and earn 5 Capitale
    • Live to Wave 7 for 5 Capitale (we’re assuming this stacks)
    • Hit Wave 10 for 10 Capitale and 2,000 Character XP
  • Take on and complete a Blood Money Opportunity in a Posse for a free Ability Card and an Offer for 30% off any Weapon
  • Play Call to Arms with a Permanent Posse for a whopping 3,000 XP Reward
  • Complete the Il Sovrano Opportunity for Double RDO$ and XP
  • Log in and play RDO this week for 100 rounds of free High Velocity Rifle and Revolver Ammo
  • Quick Draw Club No. 4 owners can unlock the Huntingdock Coat, Dunster Outfit, Forester Poncho, and other goodies
  • Prime Gaming benefits are still on offer

Check out the Red Dead Online official site for all the nitty gritty details.

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