It’s Bungie Day for Destiny 2 Players

Bungie Day

It’s the seventh day of the seventh month and it’s officially Bungie Day for Destiny 2 players. This is the official version of the player celebration created in celebration of Bungie’s stable of games. Since then, it’s become a day to celebrate the community.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that 2020 has been a challenging year. At the same time, games have a chance to help people feel less isolated in a world that may be closed to them. We hope you can take some time today to enjoy the friendships and memories forged through the games we’ve had the privilege of creating. Today is a celebration of you.

The Bungie Store is packed with great gear that, when purchased, will help support the Bungie Foundation that works to keep kids connected, engaged, and entertained during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Items include themed face masks, the Destiny Grimoire Anthology, t-shirts, toys, and much more.

In addition, the 2.9.1 update will be going live “right in the middle of Bungie Day”. It brings the Contact public event into the game on Titan and a brand new Exotic quest will be live in the Tower. The full patch notes are available here.

Moments of Triumph is a free public event that is available to all D2 players. During the event, players can collect the Exotic Sparrow, Exotic Ghost Shell, Seal, title, emblems, raid cosmetics, and Triumphs. Triumphs unlock emblems. Once 15 emblems are collected, players can purchase the 2020 Moments of Triumph t-shirt. Raiders can work through all 5 available raids to earn an exclusive raid ring and emblem. The available raids are Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Crown of Sorrow, and Scourge of the Past.

Check out all of the details about Bungie Day by visiting the Destiny 2 site.

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