It’s Time For A Year Of Rain

A Year of Rain is the brand new RTS from Daedalic Entertainment and this ambitious adventure has just exploded into Steam Early Access now.

A first fo publisher Daedalic, this brand new RTS was announced earlier this year and is the studio’s very first internally developed strategy game. Kicking off as one of three factions, A Year of Rain drags players into a deep narrative that follows the fate of House Rupah, the Wild Banners, and the Restless Regiment. The wealthy House Rupah is eager to bring civilization to the lands that remain unconquered. The fiercely independent Wild Banners are the opposite, living by the land and their instincts. The final faction in this story is a mindless mix of warlords, soldiers, beasts and souls all coerced by the leader of the Restless Regiment.

Better Battles Together

Like any great Real Time Strategy, each of these factions brings their own element to the table and players can pick from any of these armies to collect, build, and conquer. A Year of Rain doesn’t just bring that traditional campaign to Early Access. Mixing elements of traditional build and battle RTS, Daedalic has incorporated MOBA style heroes for each faction. Generals and warlords provide the opportunity to lead your army on the ground and provide a whole range or progression mechanics during battle.

In addition, this RTS is one of only a few built with co-operative play in mind. Picking from Tank, Damage, or Support roles at the beginning of each match gives teammates a set of role bases bonuses to the player and their armies. Aside from buffing up your hero character, these bonuses provide an extra layer of customization and strategy as players jump into a range of content. Campaign co-op and 2v2 skirmish are already in place with a wave based survival mode coming during Early Access. It’s all a little more intimate than War Selection’s 62 player royale.

I took a look at A Year of Rain during Gamescom 2019 and but I was running solo. Now I’m back here with my team I’ll be grouping up to take on the Restless Regiment. Will you? Check out the trailer and head over to the Steam Early Access page for more details on this game.

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