It’s Time To Catch A Dastardly New Partner As Lovingly Evil Launches

Get ready to pull on your lanyard and head out to catch a criminal mastermind as Lovingly Evil Launches a different type of dating sim today.

Crafted by the team at Lizard hazard games and published by Green man Gaming, Lovingly Evil is not your average dating sim. Available now on Steam, a beautiful 10% discount, Lovingly Evil is a delicious new twist. Anybody who thinks that cat dating sims and Kentucky Fried stories are the height of otome awesome have not tried to woo a master of evil. Set in the halls of this year’s villain conference, Lovingly Evil reminds us that everyone needs a bit of love, even the worst of us.

A Charming Villain

Creating your own ner do well, players get the chance to trek the halls with a range of masterminds and miscreants, all out to have a nice time without pesky heroes getting in the way. Your aim, of course, is to find that perfect partner for your nefarious plot and to steal their heart. Along the way you’ll get the chance to attend panels, learn more about villainy, network, and wander the food court between activities. Each different area of the conference provides an opportunity to meet and greet new characters, and play out your dastardly dreams.

As you explore your potential romantic partners you’ll play minigames with them, from flower arranging to grilling sausages (on hellfire, of course). If you manage to win the odd minigame and make the right choices, you might even woo one of five deceitful love interests. It’s really up to you if you’d rather go gothic with Felix the vampire or try to win over the top tier of evil and end up with Lucifer himself.

The characters might be less than savoury but this new dating sim looks about as delicious as they come and might be better than the Colonel’s dating sim? If you fancy a taster of Lovingly Evil, head over to the official steam store page now, where you can even try out the free demo.

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