Itzy Interactive Invite You To Conquer Hell In Mad Devils

mad devils

Hellspawn, carnage, and demon Nazis are all set to land in your front room as Mad Devils gears up to launch later this quarter.

Announced back in 2020, when we wouldn’t have flinched at a post apocalyptic hellscape, and now set to launch onto PCs during Q1 2021, Mad Devils is a raucous top down adventure game that turns the traditional World War cannon fodder of old school shooters and mixes it with a touch of ARPG style dungeon crawlers. Set back near the penultimate stages of World War 2, Mad Devils finds players in the shoes of a special forces squad and at the business end of damnation. Betrayed and cast down into Hell, all thanks to the maniacal Major Strauss, there is only one plan of action, smash some Nazi skulls.

Wading through the depths of the underworld the now skull-headed Sergeant Jack Asher must explore the afterlife and reassemble his fallen squad. Across a range of wastelands, Jack will use the newfound infernal powers and those of his team to wield a mix of weapons and magic to burn across the stygian void. All the while, these Allied forces can upgrade their abilities and modify more conventional weapons to turn the tide of the afterlife.

This demonic top down action adventure includes more than crushed skulls and enemy imps. It also includes a rich story penned by UK author, Dr. Greg Buchanan, whose credits include No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises, Paper Brexit and Metro Exodus and gamers can get a glimpse of the campaign ahead of launch. Mad Devils is part of Steam’s new beta Playtest system, meaning you can still head over to the official Mad Devils Steam Store page and grab a quick tour of duty down in the depths. If you want to try out this stylish  looking indie, check out more about mad Devils over on the official Steam Store page now.

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